Landscape Installation

Landscape Installation:

A balanced low-maintenance landscape starts with proper planning. It requires minimal amounts of water, fertilizer and pesticides. A point that cannot be over emphasized is the importance of matching the trees or plants and their requirements to the surrounding site conditions.

Careful placement of trees and shrubs can provide cooling summer shade cutting annual home energy use by as much as 35%.

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Value in Orlando Landscaping

Usable space is important for an active family, entertaining friends and overall quality of life. Professional landscaping can tailor your gardens to make them livable, tranquil and keep them looking great all year round.

When it comes time to sell, your functional garden will suit the needs of another family, making their buying decision easier. Landscaping is a wise investment; it can result in up to 75% ROI which is sound when comparing to other home improvement projects like internal additions and remodels

 Orlando Home Values have gone up 20.8% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 9.6% within the next year.Now could be a great time to invest in landscaping for your home.

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